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FJ40 Bib Panel 1975-1978 (Used OEM Bib1007)

Brand: Toyota

Part: FJ40 Front Bib Panel 1975-1978 (Used OEM Bib1007)

Condition: OEM Used A- Condition Original Paint - Restorable part

Model: 40 Series Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40, BJ40, BJ42, FJ43, FJ45, HJ47)

Year: 1975-1978

  • Please allow 24-48 hours to pull and verify part prior to shipping
  • Used product photo displayed in this listing is a photo of the actual part you would be buying 
  • No rust, been repaired on lower left channel slight bend at top (see photos)
  • Used parts can vary in condition greatly
  • Bibs are interchangable for all years of the FJ40 although there are some slight differences with accessory mounting points and light configurations