Parts Order Policies

Parts Orders Fulfillment

Classic Cruisers’ Cruiser-only salvage yard is home to over 250 vintage Toyota Land Cruisers from 1962 through 2002. Currently our inventory includes 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 Series Land Cruisers, but changes regularly with new acquisitions. We are a Toyota Land Cruiser-only specialist shop with a small crew of dedicated Cruiser-Heads. About half of our parts inventory has been removed from donor Cruisers and about half has not.

  • We strive to process your parts order in a timely manner and generally speaking, we ship parts orders in 24-48 hours from the day of order. We are working to expedite this process, but please understand that some parts can take longer to pull, process and prepare than others.
  • Rush orders are difficult to process for large items and mechanical assemblies. Thank you for your patience.
  • Used parts can vary in condition greatly, so please understand that the part you are purchasing will most likely require mild to moderate restoration. We make every effort to provide you with the best possible condition part from our inventory to complete or keep your vintage Toyota Land Cruiser on the road and trail. 
  • Used product photos displayed on our website are example photos only and might not be of the actual product you are purchasing (unless otherwise noted). 

***Please take a moment to read below about how we categorize our inventory and the descriptive language we use, so you understand what condition Land Cruiser part you are purchasing.

Part Condition Glossary

  • OEM New = New Original Equipment Toyota Part
  • OEM Used = Used Original Equipment Toyota Part
    • Used “A Condition” = Above Average Used Condition (Rare and of exceptional condition)
    • Used “B Condition” = Average Restorable Used Part (Most of our inventory)
    • Used “C Condition” = Poor Condition (Generally for donor parts/components)
  • NOS = “New Old Stock” Original Equipment Toyota Part
  • Restored = Refurbished Original Equipment Toyota Part
  • Reproduction = Aftermarket Replacement Part (Often for discontinued or rare parts).
  • Core = Unknown condition part for rebuilding purposes only (No guarantees)