Current Land Cruiser For Sale

FJ45LVs (1964 and 1966 Pair)

We currently have a 1964 FJ45LV Land Cruiser and a 1966 FJ45LV Land Cruiser offered for sale as a pair. The 1964 is a restoration candidate and the 1966 can be a donor LV for the components that are missing on the 1964. You can make one complete FJ45LV with the two and still have parts to spare. Offered at $22,000 for the pair. This is an excellent opportunity to own the unicorn Land Cruiser. Globally, only about 5,000 FJ45LVs were produced from 1964-1967 and less than half of those were left hand drive. According to records, less than 1,500 were ever imported to the United States. Today, less than 200 known examples still exist in the United States. For more information or to purchase, call us at 888-376-2420.

1964 FJ45LV Land Cruiser

  • Very clean body, surface rust and some dents but overall no rot. Frame is solid, surface rust only
  • Some spare LV parts included with the sale + front bench seat, lower section of rear bench seat
  • Notarized bill of sale, certified VIN inspection complete - no encumbrances, no title
  • Missing drivetrain

1966 FJ45LV Land Cruiser

  • Titled 95% complete FJ45LV with drivetrain
  • Almost all LV specific components are there to make the 1964 complete + rear seat + a few engine bay items
  • Missing the gauge cluster
  • Frame is heavily pitted and body is very rusty